Before the pandemic, I had started this regular feature called Thoughts for Thursday. It was a collection of 2 to 5 items that I wrote about – my take on world events, something new I’d read, a quote or even some music.

More than anything, it was my way of bringing some discipline to my writing. My last post for Thoughts for Thursday was April 16, 2020. About two weeks after we went into lockdown and our lives were forever changed. I didn’t write anything for 3 months after that. I don’t know if it was my mental state or work load but I just didn’t have it in me to carry on a regular feature.

I think it’s time to bring it back in yet another attempt at being regular with my writing.

A Quote I Read

Anger cannot be dishonest

Marcus Aurelius

A Movie / Documentary I Watched

Inside Job

The documentary came out in 2010 and it was all the rave. Everyone I knew was telling me about it because it depicted the financial crises of 2008, how events unfolded and what people did. To me, it was scarier than a Stephen King inspired movie, because I was a banker during the financial crisis. I clearly remember the moment I heard the news that Lehman Brothers had collapsed. I remember feeling this emptiness in the pit of my stomach, knowing what would come next. We’d feared the moment ever since Bear Sterns went down 6 months earlier. So while people were watching a documentary, for me, it was my life. I didn’t want to feel that again.

10 years later, I finally summoned the courage to watch it. Honestly, it still left me feeling empty.

Happy Thursday All…. Stay Safe