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I decided a long time ago that I needed to do something with my life online. I just never got around to doing it. But, last year, I took a step back and decided to reorganize myself, my writing and my work.

The world has changed immensely since I first started writing this blog 10 years ago. In fact, this blog with all it’s quirks and personal remarks may no longer be attractive content anymore. It certain doesn’t tick any of the boxed for viral content or making 6 figures. But, I’m happy writing this blog. In fact, it’s my only happy place and if I can, I never want to let it go.

Having said that, I still needed to create a professional online presence. One that would be strong enough, not to earn money but to market my services. I did that in 2019. I busted out my artistic skills and created a beautiful website for my consulting practice. I don’t have to tell you how essential it is.

Every Brand needs a Website

I realized that I wasn’t really marketing my company. I was marketing myself (as crude as that sounds!). When you have a one person business, the person is the brand not the company. So, I started an alternative thought process. Instead of promoting a company that nobody had ever heard of, I started promoting myself. In fact, I’ve now closed my company and work part time on consulting. The only way to make things stick is to promote myself.

Sure, you could use LinkedIn or other Social Media sites where you get more traffic but, I wouldn’t do that exclusively. A proper website still counts for something.

Online Real Estate is Valuable

You should know that owning a website with the right address can make a world of difference. I was lucky to get my name at .com and bought it up immediately. I haven’t built a site yet but I will keep it. At the moment, I’m using a catchy blog name as a site for my purpose.

Share your Knowledge

I wanted to create an online repository of all the knowledge and skills that I’ve built over the years. I always feel that I have something to share with the world. Whenever I tried to look up anything in Finance I wanted to read more about, I always got some very boring answers.

I know Finance is not terrible exciting to most but, it doesn’t have to be boring and it certainly doesn’t have to be shallow. There are things you learn from experience and I wanted to have a way to share it with the world. I suppose most corporate finance people are too busy making money to write a blog. So I thought why not try and fill some of that void.

You Don’t Have to Generate Income Directly

I do however, have a secondary selfish reason for creating the website. I wanted to create an online portfolio of my knowledge as a resume. Now, I know the best place to probably do this is on LinkedIn, Medium or someplace similar. But, I’m wary of the fact that any content I post on a platform could be owned by them and if they ever decide to shut down, I’ve lost all my work. So, if I’m looking for a job, pointing my prospective employer to a website could give me boost up. It’s the easiest way to see what I really know. So, even if I don’t have a ton of visitors and can’t make money through GoogleAds, at least I can capitalize on it in other ways.

Starting and maintaining a website or a blog is no easy feat. Promoting and getting people to your website is even more of a challenge. It’s never as easy as people make it out to be, particularly if you’re trying to develop it while working at a full-time job.

But despite the number of websites and blogs out there, I still think there’s some scope to offer something of value. I still think it’s a good idea and I’m sure there will be people out there who will value your work.

Happy writing!