I’ve always loved literature. I remember a time in school when everyone hated having to read Shakespeare and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Of course, reading Shakespeare is one thing and understanding it is a whole different issue. But, I was lucky enough to have paraphrased guides that could get me through most of the popular plays; some of them more than once like Macbeth which was my favorite. As I grew older of course, I invested in my very own copy of the complete works.

To this day, I believe that very few people can deconstruct the human psyche like Shakespeare did. His plays are not just great works of literature. I still think his characters remain relevant and teach us a great deal about human behavior. It’s been hundreds of years and people haven’t changed much. The forces that drove his actors can still be found in most settings. I see it in the corporate world everyday… greed, power, and even lust. People have the same basic drives.

I’ve decided to conquer the rest of the plays now; this time with my daughter. We’re reading the actual text and the paraphrase alongside it. While it may start out as enjoyable activity for us to do together, I certainly hope it also imparts some wisdom for us.

I leave you with some of my favorite words…