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I recently read an article that said that most people don’t write often enough because they’re overthinking. There’s definitely merit to this argument. I know this first-hand. I’ve always thought that being a perfectionist has held me back from doing a lot of things. I don’t just wing it. I have to plan and think and then take action. 

It’s probably one the most trite phrases plastered all over the internet. I tried to buy into this mantra. I really did. I tried to write whatever came to my mind and for a while I did. 

But, then I started to realize that while this phrase works well for getting started, it doesn’t work too well in delivering a final professional product. 

As an investment professional stating that I have over 15 years of experience, if I am to write something online, it has to be of value, and more importantly correct. I can’t just spout information that could very well be misleading. I’m not saying that there will be a host of people hanging on my every word. But, even if one person makes an investment decision based on my writing, that’s still enough of an impact for me. 

I can’t be spewing nonsense only for someone to go and make a mistake with their money. Yes, we put disclaimers on our blogs to protect ourselves but who are we really kidding. We know what we’re writing really is some sort of financial advice and we know full well that people are reading your stock analysis to make money in the market. 

As I analyzed my thought process, I realized that I can’t just write any shallow piece because I’m signing my name to it with my professional designation. When you read something written by a doctor, for instance, you’re inclined to trust what is being said. It’s exactly the same. For me, it’s important that I impart knowledge that is correct and well-researched. 

So it’s not always overthinking or “analysis paralysis” that’s holding you back from writing. Sometimes the reason is a really good one. I’m more at peace with the pace that I’m writing at now. Even if I’m slow and posting one article per month, I know that I’ve put in a great deal of effort into it, to make it something of value.