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“Don’t let go of your dreams”

“Failure is an essential part of getting to success”

“Don’t give up”

We’ve all heard the cheesy inspirational quotes. For the most part, we breeze past them because more often than not, they come to you at time when you’re at your lowest.

You tend to take notice of quotes like this when you’ve actually encountered failure. You look around for some meaning and you want something positive and uplifting.

But very quickly, you begin to give into your despair and start to feel like the all the positivity is toxic. I didn’t realize what the term “toxic positivity” meant until I was in a position to feel that all some people did was say so called “positive” things that carried no meaning.

It is odd and counter-intuitive but sometimes, you don’t really need a pick-me-up. You don’t need to hear how people succeed. You don’t need people telling you that you can do “it”.

You start to question. You think… do what? I just failed at what I tried to do. So what is the “it” that I’m supposed to do?

It’s a completely understandable feeling and you really just want to shy away from all of that. You feel defeated and don’t think you have it in you to do “it” or anything else for that matter.

For over two years, I lived with this feeling. I got a job and decided that I was done trying to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur. I felt like that probably wasn’t a path meant for me. Not everyone is cut out to be their own boss. After working in corporate offices for 16 years, that’s where you naturally gravitate unless you really have the drive. I don’t know if I had the drive.

The Pandemic sure didn’t help either. It was a tough time all around and I was actually very lucky to even get a job right before it all started in Feb 2020. So, I counted my lucky stars and got on with the corporate life once again.

But the thing about dreams is that once you have them… some part always continues to linger.

You never really ever stop wanting what you once dreamed about having.

I’ve taken a break; I’ve taken a step back. It’s time for me to go back to my dream of being entrepreneur. I know what I did wrong last time and I’m definitely doing things differently this time.

This time will be different!