Social media is all about consistency.

For a while, I thought social media was shortened form of blogging. You post when you have something to say and mostly, something of value. You don’t just put out frivolous material.

Turns out I was dead wrong. Social media has something to do with bringing value to to people but, more importantly it’s about having what we used to call in marketing “top of mind” recall.

I got on Twitter again during the pandemic and this time to engage with a sort of community called Fintwit. Basically, Finance Twitter.

It was painful for me to grow my account in the beginning. I started out by replying to people’s posts and then simply posting when I had something of value to share. Turns out that wasn’t exactly he best approach.

Twitter is more about building engagement. So people like Elon Musk will post sensational tweets and get thousands of likes and retweets. Of course, it helps that he’s somewhat of a celebrity. But, I’ve seen people who are not as well grow their account this way.

It saddens me that people can tweet wrong information and a whole bunch of nonsense but end up with tens of thousands of followers. But, that’s the nature of the beast as they say. And the only way to tackle that is to fight fire with fire.

It occurred to me that my twitter growth may be slow but it can be done the right way. I’ve seen people do it.

Most importantly, it should be done. My goal was always to spread information that’s of value and teach from my experience of almost two decades.

The only way to compete with people posting nonsense then is to actually be consistent in posting. For me, this means more hard work, because it means more research to post valuable content. But it has to be done.

Consistency is key to social media. Post consistently, post good content. I gained 5000 followers in about a month. It can be done and will be done.

Happy Tuesday!