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Last week I wrote about, our need for doom scrolling and “out of sight is, out of mind” when it comes to digital content. In the age of scrolling, if you’re not always present on someone’s feed, you become yesterday’s news. A major problem with that then becomes finding content.

The easiest way of finding content is to repackage what you’ve already said. I’m not saying you should repost the same things over and over again, but to have a central theme and write around it.

I’ve seen people do this and I think it’s quite an effective technique.

  1. Have a central theme or idea that you’re talking about and then update those or write around it.
  2. Update your old posts and take bits and pieces and expand on them
  3. Repetition also helps with difficult contents – so if you’re writing a finance or economics blog, it may be helpful to repeat yourself often because that’s how many people learn difficult topics
  4. Your audience will keep growing. So, every new set of readers are then reminded of the person you are, your previous posts and blogging style. People don’t tend scroll or read that far back.

The more I notice people, the more I realize that they all have a central set of principles that they repeat across their posts, media appearances, YouTube videos etc. As time goes on they add more content that’s updated and reduce older content but the theme remains the same.

It’s not a bad thing to repeat yourself and if done properly, it can really help you build your audience in a much less stressful way.

Happy Friday & Happy July!