There was a time I loved my job. I was in high finance – it was fast-past and exciting. I was constantly overworked but it never mattered. It never felt like work.

Warren Buffett always says that he still tap dances to work because he loves what he does. He’s 91 years old and he still works every day of this life. It doesn’t feel like work to him.

I never thought that could be true until I found a job where I looked forward to going to “work” every morning.

I’m reading Bob Iger’s Ride of a Lifetime. Bob Iger was the president of ABC and then Disney. He’s proclaimed to be one of the most successful leaders of the 100-year old company. He worked hard but didn’t always love his job.

One thing that stood out to me though, as far as I’ve gotten in the book, is that he had the right opportunities at the right time. The way he puts it, it sound like he caught a few lucky breaks along the way.

It got me thinking – does luck always play a role?

I’ve always worked hard at every job I’ve had. I’ve always tried not to waver in my standards and my efforts. But it’s not often that we still get what we want.

I wouldn’t say I’m unlucky. I just haven’t had too many lucky streaks since that awesome job I had.

Many would like to think that you make your own luck. You work hard and put in the effort, and you will be rewarded.

I don’t disagree that honing your talent through hard work is important and can take you very far.

I still think that quite often the stars have to align. I still think that sometimes it’s your time. Sometimes, you just need someone to give you a break or someone ahead of you to quit for whatever reason to get that promotion.

Sometimes, luck does play a role. But, I doubt you even come close seeing that luck, if you don’t make an effort to look for it.