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I started writing writing on Medium in 2019. Back then, I had just started my own consulting firm and there were times when there wasn’t much to do. I’d always loved writing and so, I gave Medium a shot.

The first few articles were a bust and then one went sort of viral. I was absolutely thrilled and encouraged. I started writing a lot more on the platform. And I tried to follow all the tips and tricks but, for some reason nothing really happened.

I tried the formatting. I tried the clickbait. I even tried to write everyday for a while. Nothing seemed to click. Even worse, most of the publications kept rejecting me and that really sucked.

I wasn’t sure whether it was my writing or the topics I chose. But, I just lost all hope.

And then I started twitter and LinkedIn and a Substack newsletter. All three have been somewhat successful. I’m even monetizing them and so far, it hasn’t been terrible.

I’ve tried to go back and replicate it on Medium. It still just doesn’t work. I hardly ever get any hits.

So, my conclusion is that not every platform is for everyone. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work.

Sometimes, we just need make a few adjustments, take a step back and try again.