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There’s an endless debate about quantity vs. quality. Most people who are serious bloggers talk about only quality. Their theory is that you shouldn’t be putting out crappy content just for the sake of it but, rather mull over and write something of value.

I find most people who want to make money, on the other hand, think more about quantity. It’s all about catching the algorithm. The argument there is, firstly if there’s enough content posted, you increase the likelihood of posts going viral. Secondly, the more you write, the more you can write. And, the idea is that you keep honing your skills until you eventually reach a place where most of your work is quality.

I can completely see both arguments as being valid.

On the one hand, if you don’t put out enough content these days, you’re lost among a sea of blogs. Discoverability is key and it’s all about the algorithms. So, unless there are enough key words, and enough content for the algorithms to catch those key words, you’re doomed.

Now, if you’re not concerned about making money, then I suppose it’s okay.

But, here’s the thing. We don’t simply write for ourselves. We do write to be read. As silly as that sounds, we all want that validation.

What’s the point of writing a blog out there, if no one is reading it. I suppose it could be just like a online journal and that’s okay. But, mostly we want to be discovered. We want someone to read.

The final argument of “the more you write, the more you can write” is 100 percent true. The only way to get over a writer’s block, or fear of writing or whatever else is stopping you – is to write. You don’t always have to publish what you write. But, you do have to write.

I am really enjoying writing again, and writing more often. It really has helped me improve my writing on all fronts.

So I say, let’s go with quantity, and perhaps, in time, quality will follow.