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We can always make a million excuses for not doing things. There’s never enough time. There were more important things to do. I wasn’t feeling well. I don’t get positive feedback on my writing.

The excuses are many and some even more imaginative than this, I would presume.

The truth is, if you keep making excuses about life getting in the way, life will keep making excuses to stay out of your way.

No one’s waiting to give you a break. And if you’re thinking that you will be called upon or you should wait your chance. You may be waiting forever.

I’m not saying that people don’t get lucky. Of course, they do. But, luck is just one factor. Putting in the work is actually what’s important.

The world has made us entitled. We think we are owed something, when in reality it us that owes the world. The only way to ever make anything work or achieve anything is to actually get up and go grab it.

I used to keep looking at creators. I keep wondering why I couldn’t do what they did to make money. The day I stopped wondering and actually put action into it, I realized that I could.

Sitting on the sidelines, grumbling and being envious of someone who does put in the work is not the way to succeed.

The only way to succeed, is to get up off your butt and work towards getting what you want!