I’ve always loved pen and paper. Anyone who’s read any of my very early posts on this website knows I’ve been completely in love with paper planners my whole life. But, sometimes you wonder if there’s a different way of doing things.

These days I see a lot of IG posts from people planning on their iPad on what I could probably call a hybrid planner. It’s on the iPad so it’s digital but, it’s formatted like a notebook so it had that sense of paper planning.

I have an iPad and a pencil and I use it quite regularly and successfully, I must say. It’s been a big help when it comes to reading hundreds of pages of documents that you don’t want to lug around everywhere.

Ah but when it comes to planning… it just doesn’t feel the same.

Digital Can Be used as a Supplement

Having said that there are advantages of using digital for your everyday needs. With digital, you have the perks of having your phone with you at all times, you get automated reminders and you get to move things around more conveniently.

I’ve been trying out a system lately. It’s not been too bad really. I use it more like a brain dump than anything else.

I’ve started using Todoist. There’s no particular reason for me choosing this over any of the other apps. I just noticed it’s one of the more popular ones and it has a nice looking interface.

I think all these apps do pretty much the same things and Todoist even has a function where if you type “today” or “tomorrow” with the time, they will schedule it in for you. That’s quite handy if you’re don’t like clicking and choosing a bunch of options on your phone.

How I use it is very simply. I just log everything in there and then sort through the items to put them either in my planner or schedule them for calendar blocking. It’s like a never-ending running to-do list which is great to have on the computer or the phone, instead of using precious planner space.

I’m still very much like using my planner because I like seeing a weekly spread and I still love paper planners.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com