No thought

“Let’s have dinner tonight.”

“Ok, what time?”

“I’ll call you.”

*waiting* …. it’s past my dinner time and still waiting.


“Ok I’m here”

“Oh I need another 10 minutes.”

*slaps forehead*

Sometime people just don’t realize how they inconvenience others.

Inability to handle situations

There’s a video going around the internet about a cockroach in a restaurant and two ladies were frantic about it but the waiter was so composed when it landed on him. So the video goes on to say that what stood out was the inability of the two ladies to handle it.

The moral of the story is not what other people do but our reaction / attitude towards it.

While I agree with the moral of the story, I don’t necessarily agree that the ladies should have been all calm and composed like the waiter.

I am quite good at keeping my composure on the outside. Not so good on the inside. I let things stress me out even though I don’t react badly to it or throw a tantrum.¬†However… I don’t think I will ever be able to keep my composure if a cockroach flew at me or sat on me.

There are just some situations in life that deserve an outrageous response.¬† I don’t think it signals your inability to handle situations and I don’t think it’s right to generalize. I think screaming would be quite a normal response… I mean seriously, it’s a cockroach!!

App-y hour

It seems like every where I look someone’s thinking about a new idea for an app. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve met three different people who think they will make it big because of the app they are developing. I know there’s an app for almost everything these day. I have to confess I do get really excited when I can use my Apple Pay or find a place on Google Maps. But it got me thinking, how many people are actually successful at this. And even if they are, what are the chances that they make any money out of it.


Sometimes your phone pings and there’s a message. You think you should answer it and then you decide not to. And then there’s another and another from someone else.

The problem with the ping is, once you answer it… the flood gates open so to speak. In this day and age, the ping means the beginning of a conversation. May be it’s a conversation you don’t want to have. But with time-stamps and activity reports, it’s so hard to avoid ignoring someone for too long.

I’m not trying to be condescending. Sometimes, you just need to be alone. Sometimes, I’m fine thanks…Hope you are too… should be sufficient. I feel guilty when I don’t answer. Although these days, I’m learning to avoid this feeling and answering messages on my own terms. I’m learning to politely say, I need to go or I’m in the middle of something. We can’t all be chatty all the time.