Most bloggers advise against writing about yourself. I suppose the reasoning is if you want a large following, the key is to connect with readers and offer them something that appeals to them. You want to write about helpful tips and how-to’s that will be of interest to readers instead of thoughts and feelings that people don’t find useful.

It’s been an interesting progression of topics in the blogging world. I feel that blogs started out mostly with people writing about themselves. They wrote about something that interested them, they wrote about their opinions on topics and many even wrote to vent. Some people practiced their writing skills with fiction and poetry, while others wrote purely about their emotions and coping with difficulty. I always found these blogs very interesting.

While it’s helpful to have a whole slew of tips and hacks from various people, I really enjoy coming across blogs that are more personal. Even people sharing their personal tips and experiences, makes for very enjoyable reading in my opinion.

While I have no problem appealing to the masses, and I’ve indulged in that behavior as well, I still think there is some advantage to having a personal blog. Writing a personal blog can be a cathartic experience. And who knows, maybe your experience and how you coped with it can end up helping people more than you know.

I have always liked my little corner of the world wide web. I’ve always felt that I could take the liberty to write what I want and may be someone out there would find it interesting.

I haven’t obviously gathered a large following, in part because I haven’t always written regularly but also probably because I haven’t written much for public appeal.

Once I quit my job, the one thing I wanted to do more of, is write. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very regular. I feel like I gave up on blogging because I just didn’t have a lot of helpful things to say. I also started to write on Medium and felt I should start another blog which would be targeted towards making money. Nothing has materialized and I am now sitting here six months later wondering why I gave up on writing.

The pressure of having to write to a certain audience probably put me off. I don’t know. I felt like I needed to come up with unique “content” that was geared towards providing a lot of value instead of writing what I felt and what I thought.