Here’s a roundup of my week:

Getting back on the horse

I did a lot of self-reflection this week. There are days when I feel that I’m running in the same place. I feel like I’m doing a lot but it’s not amounting to anything. These feelings are not unusual. I was speaking to another new entrepreneur today and he said the exact same thing to me. The truth is, after many years of employment, this is new to us. We just need time to get used to it. Life was easier in a way because we knew that no matter what we did, we got paid every month. So it was ok, if we didn’t push the limit everyday.

Finished redesigning my official website

I’m finally done with it and I’m quite pleased. I changed the host because my previous company was completely unfriendly to use even though their customer service was superb. I do want to add web design as an avenue of my business and it was great fun getting back into it again.

A book I’m reading – Titans of History by Simon Sebag Montefiore

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A superb book. Concise accounts of almost 200 people who have shaped our history in some form or the other. The author is a historian and journalist who’s written a number of great titles. This is a very well written, interesting book.  If you’ve always wondered why someone was famous or infamous, I’m sure you’ll find a good answer in this book. I’m not reading it in order. Every night I just pick a few names and that’s that.

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Happy Thursday All!!