Sometimes I wonder if people are different on the internet. I’m sure they are but how different. I feel that there are two kinds of people… those that decide to be a social butterfly on social media and those that reveal their true self when they’re anonymous or using a pseudonym. Either way, I wonder if we really ever see the true nature of people.

I think I may written a “rant” post about this in the past… how people decide to portray their lives on social media. I know a couple who post wonderful pictures of their trips, their family outings, their kids… and then I hear that they are so unhappy and they have violent fights all the time. Now, I’m not saying that they need to tell us how their private lives are going but why fake it. Why put on a show to the world and pretend as if things are amazing.

Then there are people like me… who write anonymously because it gives me the ability to share my thoughts without having to think twice about what I’m writing. It’s not that I’m not open to criticism or I feel that no one is judging me, even if I’m anonymous. I’m actually okay with that. But for some reason I’ve enjoyed writing here without having to edit out people or change up the circumstances. I know it probably doesn’t matter because I’m not famous. But I really don’t want everyone I know to know what I am always thinking.

I suppose we may never know what is someone’s true nature whether online or offline.