A quick post while I’m traveling.

I’m usually quite anxious when I travel. I always feel that I’ve misplaced either my passport or my tickets or my money. So what I decided to do this time is carry a personal size instead of a compact (as usually do when I travel). And what did I choose? ….. None other than the Malden.

The soft leather of the Malden makes it functional not only to carry papers in the ring but to stuff the pockets as much as your heart desires. It has a lovely pocket at the back (pad holder) where I slipped in passports, tickets and boarding passes. It still had room for me to carry passport sized photographs of my family and my daughter’s last medical report, in case I needed to take her to the doctor.

I printed travel information and punched them into my info section and I used a zip lock back to carry foreign currency. The front zip pocket is being used to carry coins from the country I’m traveling to. It gets very annoying when coins from different countries get mixed up and then I’m rummaging in my wallet for them.

I also put in a few extra blank pages so that I could journal on the go.

I feel much calmer traveling now. It does add a bit of weight but then I don’t mind carrying a big bag when I travel.

Here is a picture of my lovely stuffed Malden: