Work woes

It’s been a really busy week both professionally and personally. January is almost over and the pressure for delivering results seems to have started mounting. I know none of us know what is to come, but I am panicking about delivering my numbers.

I’m keeping really calm and telling my boss, it will happen. We will make it. But inside, I’m really stressed because I don’t know if I will be able to get new clients. To top it all, I have a non-profit side project going. I’m trying to raise money for a cause. Soliciting funds from donor agencies is no walk in the park. I guess, these people get bombarded with requests every day with some cause or the other, so they have a rigorous screening process. But I’m getting no where.

And now all of this is getting me down. I guess it’s just one of those down times and I have to through it. I’d like to be positive, but all that comes to mind are just “what if’s”.

Truth be told, I’ve never been very good at initiating relationships. I would like to think that I’m good at managing client relationships or even taking the first step once I’m introduced. But cold calling just doesn’t seem to be my forte. I’ve tried and haven’t been very successful. People advise me to think positively and I will succeed. But I think it’s time for me to try out a different approach. I need to find a way around cold calling and figure out how to get that first meeting.

Draft blogs

I love the “draft” feature in WordPress. It’s so useful. It’s a shame that twitter doesn’t have a draft feature. Then again, I guess twitter is supposed to spontaneous.

The draft feature is useful because when I have a random blog idea in the middle of the day, I can just type it into my phone and save. I get my best ideas at the weirdest times. Especially, when I’m driving or int he middle of a client meeting. Eeep!

Also, when I’m all out of ideas, I can go to my list of drafts and finish a post I’d started. It’s like savings for a rainy day or like finding money in your pocket. Don’t we all love that!

Best of all, when I’m lazy and too tired to write, I’m sure I’ll find some good post I had almost finished. I can just add two lines and hit publish!

Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub – ENERGY

Bath & Body Works - Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub ENERGY
Bath & Body Works – Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub ENERGY (credit: Bath & Body Works Website)

Product Rating: AVERAGE

I like the products at Bath & Body Works. I’ve used their Aromatherapy line before and it was amazing. So I thought why not.

The Smell: Truth be told, the Aromatherapy worked. The Orange-y smell with a hint of Ginger really revitalises you. It’s appropriately called Energy.

The Packaging: It comes in a large jar, like most other scrubs. It’s an oil based scrub, and as soon I opened the jar, the oil was just floating on top. Wasn’t really efficient to scoop out.

The Product: The scrub itself was a little disappointing. The sugar granules are quite coarse and sparse, so they keep rolling on the skin rather than being an effective scrub. Since, it’s oil based, I decided to just rinse instead of washing with soap. It was a good feeling at first, with the skin soft and tingly (from the ginger). But 3 hours later, my skin is just as dry as it was before. So I guess, you have to follow up with a moisturiser.

The Verdict: Even though I got this on sale at about US$ 11, I won’t be repurchasing the scrub. There are so many nicer ones out there. I will however, get a moisturiser from the same line, because I simply loved the aromatherapy bit.