The countdown to my exam has begun. I’m taking a few days off work, not just to study but to clear my head as well. It hasn’t been easy balancing work, home and studies. What’s worse is that the last couple of months at work have been very stressful and exhausting.

Still, I managed to get through the syllabus once. But now I feel like I don’t remember anything any more. Somethings look vaguely familiar, but I will have read through the material again.

The material isn’t difficult but the sheer volume of the material makes it daunting. To top that, the questions are tricky. So you really need to remember a lot information and recall it in a very short period of time.

The other issue is the exam itself. It’s a whole day exam, almost 7 hours, with an hour’s break in between. It won’t be easy to sit through a session that long, seeing as how I’m such a fidgety person. I can’t still for more than a couple of hours. This will be a trying experience.

It’s all a bit overwhelming since I haven’t done something like this since my college days almost 12 years ago. But the truth is, nothing easy is ever worth getting, so I will put in the hard work and put in all my effort. I really hope I pass!!