The last two week have been so gruelling at work. I actually ended up working 15 hours straight, for a few days. I’m burning out and I need a break. Thankfully, things are getting back to normal and 2015 is finally closed (ah yes, there was a spillover effect). So while, I tried to personally put 2015 behind me, work lingered on….

Anyway, from next week onwards, I look forward. I hope I can make change and be more proactive at work, rather than reactive. I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to go about making the change. I guess it’s something to think about.

More often than not, we say that we will make changes but, we just end up falling into the same old rut. Quicker than you know, you go back to your old ways and soon the year is over and you’re making yet another promise to yourself that next year will be different. I don’t want to fall into that trap. I really do want to make some changes to my work life and, I really do want to accomplish things.