Sometimes I wonder whether people who remain anonymous on their blogs get fewer hits. I don’t know, it’s not like I can really conduct an experiment unless I ask the people at WordPress or Blogger. I don’t publish my name or my picture. I don’t even have an about me page, I just write for the sake of writing and getting things off my mind. I have a good number of followers and people who like and comment on posts. They don’t seem to mind at all that they have no idea who I am… and I simply love that!

Truth be told, even if someone does put up their name, picture or bio, do you ever know who they really are? Reading someone’s posts may actually tell you a lot more about a person, than a description or a picture would. It’s not like I haven’t thought about it. Sometimes I’m really tempted to share pictures or just use my real name. But, I don’t because of all these ethical rules at work etc. It’s just simpler to write whatever I want, without the hassle of having to declare stuff.

The interesting part is, no one who knows me outside the blogosphere, knows that I write this blog. I’ve mentioned in passing that I write a blog but never the name or where I write. This is a whole different world for me… and I’ve grown to really like it being that way. It’s not because the things I say may offend someone or that I have something to hide from the people I know… far from it. I’ve just never really bothered to share this world with the people I know. It feels like something personal, something I like doing for myself. I love this little world of mine….and I prefer to remain anonymous.