02 Oct 2016

Sometimes I get really lost. Things happen unexpectedly in life and all you try to is make sense of it. It’s hard for me to not find meaning in things and chalk it up to… “shit happens!” 

I’d like to believe that everything happens for a reason. So when something happens when you least expect it, probably the right thing to do is to accept it. But I can’t just be one to accept things… 

2 thoughts on “02 Oct 2016

  1. I don’t think anything is wrong with that. I’m a big believer that there is a lesson to be learned is nearly every experience we encounter. Should we dwell on it? Not necessarily – and definitely not to the point of feeling overwhelmed. Don’t feel lost. As long as you’re not standing in the exact same spot that you were yesterday, then you’re right where you should be 🙂

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