Yesterday, I had to have a difficult conversation with someone. I am leaving my current job and I have about a month left. The CFO asked me if I was willing to extend and I apologized to say that I wouldn’t. I gave him 3 months’ notice which I would say is a fair amount of time to get their work in order and for me to wrap up.

As soon as I said, he had such a bad reaction. The first thing he immediately said was that you will struggle a lot. It was such a pathetic, knee-jerk reaction. I know he didn’t get his way and I know that in fact, he will struggle because he hasn’t hired to replace me and he hasn’t even bothered to let me train anyone. I was disappointed. People generally wish you well, despite what they are really feeling. But I suppose not everyone is alike and his reaction just helped me reaffirm my decision to not extend my stay.