Yet another Thursday’s come around. Time always seems to be flying by these days. My 38th birthday is next week and suddenly it seems like the years have flown by too. I don’t feel any older yet, I am.

I’m not going to get all nostalgic or even say anything about my age. I am however, eternally grateful for every day that I’ve lived and for all the loving people I am surrounded by.

Managing my time better

Earlier this week, I started to take stock of where I spend my time. I realized that I’ve been driving to and from meetings a lot and this has really hampered my productivity. In my eagerness to sign up potential clients I have acquiesced to their requests for meetings even when it didn’t suit me.

The best way to manage time when too much is going on is to group activities. So, I’ve decided to schedule multiple meetings on the same day which means I’ll get nothing done that day but at least I can focus on work the rest of the week.

An old song I rediscovered

Beverly Craven – Promise Me

They were playing this at a store and it just brought back whole a flood of memories. I’ve always loved this song. It’s got such haunting melody and she sounds amazing in this song. The words feel so sad and they held special meaning at a certain point in my life. It’s amazing how music can transport you through time.

An app/website I’m loving – Canva (

I know I’m super late in the game to be talking about this app/website. I’ve read a lot of blog posts about Canva but I didn’t really understand how great it was until I tried it for myself. Most bloggers recommend this for blog graphics or social media posts. But, I’ve been using it to make presentations and business proposals. Because of all the numerous templates, it’s really fast and easy to use and the result is a stunning proposal instead of a boring old document. Best of all, it’s free. There is a premium version with enhanced features but you can basically get by with the free version perfectly well.

Works for the simple stuff too…

Untitled design
Made with Canva


That’s about it for this week.

Happy Thursday all!!