It’s time again for my weekly roundup. It was my 38th birthday earlier this week. I didn’t do much but I loved having all the birthday wishes pour in. People called me from all corners of the globe and it’s the one day in the year I probably speak to them. I’m always surprised by at least one phone call from someone very unexpected. This time it was a phone call from an ex-colleague and an email from an old flame.

Every year on my birthday, I decide to take some time to reflect on the years that have passed. This year I decided against it. I just haven’t been in that place where I want to go through everything I’ve done and analyze what I could have or should have done better. I know it’s not healthy. This is much like my friend who doesn’t want to go to the doctor because she fears finding out something is wrong with her. She thinks as long as she doesn’t acknowledge it, she will be fine. So like her, I’ve got my head buried in the sand and I’m just moving ahead and taking things as they come.

I’ve decided against a weekly round up this week. I guess I just go my self-reflection out of the way. So now it’s time to move ahead again.

Happy Thursday all!!