Another busy week’s gone by. I’m thankful for busy days because it means there’s a possibility of earning some money. Every day counts when you’re on your own. Despite the tiring days, I managed to steal some time in the evenings and finish a book. I’ve managed to start working on an enhanced personal profile and start a new line of business.

A project I’m excited about

Photography shoot

close up photography of cameras
Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on

Just by coincidence, I happened to mention to someone that I take photographs and just like that I got a gig. I have taken photographs professionally in years although I have the equipment. But it’s something I’ve always loved doing and now I’m just so excited to be going out on a photoshoot and better yet getting paid for it.


A book I read

10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World – Elif Shafak

Elif Shafak is a Turkish – British writer. The book has been nominated for the Booker prize in 2019. As expected, the book is beautifully written. I’ve read some of her other books as well and her words just flow. The concept of this book is very interesting albeit quite morbid. It’s a very sad, touching story. If you’re not in a good place in your life, don’t read this book. Despite trying to maintain positivity, I became a little morose reading this. But, if you have a strong heart, by all means go ahead, for this is a beautiful book that shouldn’t be missed.

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A new word I learned


It sounds like a word I’ve heard before and should know but I looked up the meaning anyway. It’s not a pleasant word.


Happy Thursday all!!