Last week I decided to go back to basics and write about 5 sections that are essential to a planning system.
A planning system is personal and most of us like to make it our own. There are no golden rules.
This week, I thought I’d share what I don’t put in my planner.

1. Budget

I’m sure most people would find this surprising. Almost every planner set-up I’ve seen out there, has some sort of budget.
But, I work in finance and for me, budgets mean spreadsheets. So it’s just natural that I have my budget on spreadsheet backed up to my Dropbox account.

2. Journal

I have a separate notebook for a journal which I keep at home. I like having a regular notebook to journal in becuase I tend to write a few pages at time.
I also think there’s a matter of privacy. If someone decides to flip through my planner or I leave it somewhere, I don’t really have to worry.
For a month now, I’ve been writing in a line of gratitude. I used to do this in my journal but then, on the days I didn’t journal, I would miss out on the gratitude as well. So, I decided to start writing it at the end of each day in my planner. This way, I don’t miss the gratitude writing and I look at my planner before I sleep.

3. Color Coding

When I write in my planner, I usually just pick up whatever pen is nearby.
Believe me, I always have a whole bunch of pens nearby. I think if I decide never to buy another pen for the rest of my life, I will still be ok!
So my planner is usually a whole mash up of different shades that are not coordinated. I know I’ll never be able to keep things straight if I try to color code. It’s just not for me.
I will however, add the occasional sticker (usually borrowed from my daughter) or do a little artwork to spruce things up.

4. Recurring Tasks

I mostly never forget recurring tasks. Mostly!
On occasion when there’s something new, like staring a course of medication, I will put it in my phone with a reminder.
The only recurring items that I put in my planner are probably bill payment dates.

5. Habit Trackers

I’m yet to get on the habit tracker bandwagon. I do track a few things in my planner – gym days (recent addition), books I’ve read, shows I’ve watched.
When I was studying for my professional certification, I used the “don’t break the chain” system to make studying a habit. I just made sure I opened my book without fail everyday. This is how I started with the gym as well about 3 months ago.
One of these days, I will give the habit tracker a try.

That’s it! These are five items that I’ve seen in the planning community but I don’t put in my planner.
Are there any common items that you don’t put in your planner?

Image licensed from Canva