January 26, 2018

I don’t know what it is… I just haven’t liked writing for a while. I think, like most other facets of my life, I put up impossible standards for myself. I feel like if I don’t write something profound, then I shouldn’t be writing at all. None of what I’ve written in this blog has been profound in any way. So I don’t see why I feel the next post should be. Yet the need for some kind of perfection keeps me from doing things, not just writing this blog. It makes me procrastinate and it makes me skip things that I would have otherwise done. I’ve decided to actively stop doing that. Something doesn’t have to be perfect to get done. Sometimes I can do something that’s just so-so. And it’s ok. My biggest critic is me and that has to stop. If I want to write, I should just write without having to worry whether it’s good or not.

3 thoughts on “January 26, 2018

  1. Hi! It’s so good to see your post. I’m very shy and it keeps me from commenting more online, but I wanted to say I always look forward to one of your posts! Your writing is authentic, warm and interesting. A breath of fresh air on this internet! I hope you’ve been doing great 🙂

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    1. Hi. I’ve been well and I hope you’ve been well too.

      Thank you so much. It’s not often that people say nice things out of nowhere. Your comment is really very kind and sweet. I really enjoy your blog too. I don’t think you can tell but I’ve read some of your posts several times. 😊


  2. Ha! You have just made my day. You know what you’re saying about having a “reason to write” (so to speak)? I have no good reason but they can’t stop me, lol! And really, thank you so much for reading mine, too. It means so much! Looking forward to more of yours 🙂

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