I’ve been far and away from blogging for a while. Not that long but, long enough that it seems too long. As I get ready for my exam on Saturday, I’ve been trying to block out everything else, so I can concentrate. As I’ve gathered thus far, this isn’t one of those exams that you can just study for in a few days and hope to pass. Suddenly it seems that my brain is reeling from all the information that’s being crammed into my head. So today, I kind of broke down. I decided not to study much or do much. I guess, everyone needs a break. And I desperately needed one. All I have been doing for the last few days is studying and trying to retain loads of information includng ratios and formulas. Suddenly, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve come to realize that my brain isn’t what it used to be. I think it has more to do with stress and anxiety than anything else. I’m a person who get’s so easily distracted. It doesn’t help that I’m constantly disrupted by work issues. Ah well, it’s a path I’ve chosen and something I have get through….for the better.